Looking for a WIN-WIN Fundraiser? Fundraise with Kwik Trip!

Freezers can only hold so much cookie dough and there are only so many magazines you can subscribe to. However, you will always need to buy items like gas, eggs, milk and other Kwik Trip commodities! That’s why Kwik Trip’s Scrip Gift Card Program is the easiest fundraiser out there!

Here’s how it works:

Step 1: Your organization fills out an enrollment form at www.kwiktrip.com/scrip

Step 2: Once approved, you’re able to purchase the Scrip Gift Cards at a 5% discount – then sell the cards for full face value, keeping the difference!

Step 3: In Addition, your organization will earn a 10% rebate on most in-store purchases made by cardholders, some exclusions apply.

Simple right??

See what these Scrip Members had to say:

· “This is such a great opportunity for our kids to raise funds for trips. In 2 years we have made a profit of $59,696.87. This is money people would already spend at Kwik Trip regardless. Because they choose to funnel it through our scrip program, our students reap the benefits. Thank you, Kwik Trip!!” – Dave K. – Band Director at West Salem High School – West Salem, WI

· “Our Kwik Trip Scrip Gift Cards are in high demand from our families. The rebates from their purchases offset their tuition and lunch accounts and they are always so pleased to see those rebates on their invoices. Between their purchases and those made by their friends and families, they see their dollars stretch even further!” – Laurie B. – Winona Area Catholic Schools, Winona, MN

· “The Kwik Trip Scrip Program has by far been the best seller in our Scrip Program. It’s a win-win program for our parents.” – Donna D. – St. Athanasius School, Jesup, IA

Do you have questions about fundraising with Kwik Trip? Let’s chat! Email us at fundraising@kwiktrip.com

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