Stand4Change Gives Students Hope Against Bullying

By Pam Harlin
Meemic Foundation Director

Let’s get serious … about bullying.
I have many memories of my youth, but the ones that are most vivid are the times when I was bullied. In elementary school in Columbus, Ohio, I recall one particular incident of being followed home from school by a girl and her friends, yelling taunts at me, even standing in front of my house while continuing their hateful comments. The attacks were personal and made me fearful. I felt alone and afraid; my self-image was crushed.
Even as an adult, I can still feel the scars left from those incidents. And I know my story is not unique. Bullying is not a rite of passage. It is wrong, and we can help change this.
With the prevalence of bullying, especially the rapidly growing cyberbullying through social media, it is more important than ever to stand strong with our youth to empower them on the virtues of being kind and respectful to others. We can make a difference.
The Meemic Foundation has partnered with Defeat the Label, a nonprofit organization that is primarily focused on empowering students to take a stand against bullying. One of their premier events is Stand4Change Day. On Friday, May 4, at noon ET, millions of students from around the world stand and take the pledge against bullying. It’s a powerful moment, one that every school across our country should participate in. Registration is simple and free. Visit to sign up today.
For more resources to continue the conversation with your students, please visit
Let’s get serious about bullying … together.

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