Arch Building

Constructing an Arch is quickly becoming the favorite hands-on activity on board the STEM Shuttle.  The arch is constructed without any tools, other than the 2 or 3 student team members working together to demonstrate their engineering abilities.  The arch activity was introduced to the shuttle program in September.

The Mechanical Arm has been a favorite of the students since the program began 12 years ago, but without doing a survey, we can only tell you that students really get involved in all the hands-on work stations on board the shuttle.

The work stations on the STEM Shuttle take students 7 minutes or less to complete.  Several work stations are available to students, with 6 or 7 chosen for each school we visit.  Our 2 on board teachers work with a host teacher(s) prior to the shuttle mission to determine which activities will be available to the students. 

To learn more about the STEM Shuttle, please visit

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