Meemic Foundation Traditional Grant

By Eric Henrickson
Meemic Insurance

Need funding for a classroom field trip? Looking for flexible chairs for your students or perhaps support for your STEM initiatives? Whatever the need, The Meemic Foundation is here to help with many of your special projects! Apply for grant for funding up to $500 to support your classroom, department, campus or district needs.

Deadline is Sept. 30, 2017

Get the full details and rules at:
When Foundation Club Members applied for one of The Meemic Foundation’s back-to-school grants, we asked, “What are you looking forward to the most with the new school year?” We got almost 7,000 responses, so it’s not surprising that some common themes emerged.

Many teachers just like to meet all the new students. Several were looking forward to teaching new subjects, grade levels, technology (woo hoo – 3D printers!) or curricula, and meeting the new “kiddos.” More than a few noted all the things students teach them, as well.

Here are some of our favorites.

“Working with teenagers! I have taught for 24 years and still enjoy watching the light bulb turn on!”

Holly B., Milwaukee

“I am looking forward to implementing new labs and activities which foster active engagement and learning in my classroom.”

Pamela S., Sheboygan Falls

“I’m looking forward to meeting my new students and their families. Making those new connections and renewing old friendships is the best part of my job!”

Michele S., Green Bay

 “I love meeting new students each year and getting to know them. I feel that each student adds a new color to the rainbow of my room. The more colors I have, the more rich my life becomes.”

Patricia C., Green Bay

“I always look forward to seeing the students smiling faces. I also enjoy listening to their stories about their summers and how much they are looking forward to the school year.”

Kristin T., Sheboygan

“The start of every school year is so exciting because it holds the promise of so much! All of the things we will learn and grow from, all of the new students and families to meet and get to know, but mostly all of the wonderful memories you get to make as a 9-10-year-old!”

Emily M., Wausau

 “Meeting the students at my new schools, especially the refugee students. I am expecting to learn a lot from their experiences in different countries and discovering how to best support them during their time of transition to the USA!”

Jeffrey G., Milwaukee

“I am looking forward to teaching the same subject for the second consecutive year, which is a first in my short teaching career! I am excited to refine the work I did last year, add new activities and experiences, and make the course as engaging, meaningful, and memorable for students as possible!”

Matthew A., Madison

“Every year is a new opportunity to innovate and pick up the momentum from where it left off the year before. I am blessed to teach the same students for multiple years in the ever-changing subject of music.  There is something new around every corner, so I am most excited to see what new musical experiences I can share with my students and, perhaps more importantly, what new music they can teach me about as we work together to help each individual reach his or her full musical potential!”

Michelle S., Oshkosh

 “I am looking forward to implementing realistic, career-based lessons that will help my students grow as future independent successful employees. I want to help my students develop the skills needed to formulate a plan for their future and know how to accomplish it.”

Katie B., Vassar

For information on The Meemic Foundation’s current grant opportunities, visit

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