Young Chefs Make Monthly Meals for Residents of Frederick Place

​Good morning to you all on this bitter cold Monday! I hope everyone had a great, warm weekend!
The most recent issue of Teaching Today – Wisconsin is now available live online and is being distributed to K-12 schools across the state.
In the past years, this issue would feature our Dream Careers Essay Contest; however, due to unforseen circumstances, we had to move it to our next issue. We apologize greatly for any inconvenience and look forward to sharing our fabulous entries in our next paper release.
Today I’m happy to give you a sneak peak into our latest issue. 
A class out of the Northland Pines School District in Eagle River have learned some excellent new cooking skills in making meals for Fredrick Place in Rhinelander.

“Northland Pines’ E2 Montessori classroom is getting hands-on in the kitchen, making monthly meals for residents of the Frederick Place homeless 

shelter in Rhinelander. The students have cooked a meal every month for Frederick Place the last three months and it is a total team effort. 

The students and teachers decide the menu and the parents donate the ingredients.

The students and their families make the 

food at the school and Patricia Rickman, E2 Montessori teacher, delivers it to the shelter for the residents there to enjoy.

‘I feel incredibly blessed to have families 

who give so generously to make this service project successful,’ Rickman said.

The students enjoy their time in the 

kitchen, the tasks, the interaction and doing it all for the good of others, she added…”
Click on the link, or check out our latest hard copy, to learn more (article seen on front page):

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