Contests, Awards, and More!

​Hello everyone! Hope your week is going splendidly so far!
There are so many programs, contests and competitons, available to students for various rewards and scholarships. Teaching Today shares a variety of these in each issue. Here are a couple from our most recent issue:
Meemic Masterpieces Grant 

and Contest
Join The Meemic Foundation in show-

casing the artistic ability of our youth. Any 

Meemic Foundation Club member can 

sponsor a student by submitting their origi-

nal art masterpieces in one of three themes: 

Be Green/Healthy Living, School Spirit or 

the Meemic Tree. The sponsoring member’s 

school will receive a $300 grant for art sup-

plies, and the winning artist will receive 

an Amazon Fire® Tablet. Winners will be 

announced by Feb. 14, 2017.

Entries must be original artwork created 

by the student and cannot be drawn from any 

existing artwork not created by the student. 

No copyrighted images may be used.

Deadline: Dec. 30.
Samsung Solve for Tomorrow 

Teachers of grades 6-12 are eligible to 

the Samsung Solve for Tomorrow Contest, 

which focuses on how science, technol-

ogy, engineering, and math (STEM) can be 

applied to help improve local communities.

Deadline: Applications due Nov. 15, 2016

Check out page sixteen of our current issue for more!

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