Resources to Pay for Graduate Programs

​Happy Friday, everyone! I hope you all have had a pleasant and fulfilling week full of positivity. We’re already into December; can you believe that? Where did the year go?
Funding for graduate programs, etc. can be a tough experience. However, did you know there are multiple resources, such as grants and federal financial aid, to help? Here’s a peek at page 17 of our most recent issue,  with information in regards:
Resources to Pay for Graduate Programs
“If you’ve been through the funding gauntlet as an undergrad, you’re probably already aware that financial aid is provided by a variety of bodies, including the federal government, the state government and the university itself. On the other hand, there are few things about federal, state and university aid that change in grad school. These may make a degree more affordable than you might imagine…”
For more information about these grants, etc., check out our latest copy of Teaching Today – Wisconsin (since distributed to K-12 schools across the state), online on our website through our virtual Flip Book:
Have a fun, safe, and overall wonderful weekend everyone!

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