A Knight’s Faire, Celebrating our Community’s Creativity

​Hello and good day to you, readers! Be sure not to miss this fabulous article from our most recent issue:
A Knight’s Faire, Celebrating our Community’s Creativity
by Kathy Bareis and students

Delong Middle School

Eau Claire Area School District

“DeLong Middle School hosted, A Knight’s Faire, and it was different from the usual ‘arts and crafts’ type fair that many people might have expected. We hand selected our artisans from around Wisconsin and Minnesota. We were able to build relationships with not only the artisans, but our own community that exists in Eau Claire. Through demonstrations, we were able to teach our community about entrepreneurship and philanthropic enterprise. We had an abundance of mediums including fibers & textiles, pottery, glass, metals, jewelry, painting, drawing, printmaking, photography, soaps and other bath products, upcycling, woodworking, and woodcarving. We were even able to include functional art-bicycles with Dan Green and yoga for kids with Michele Anthony…”
Like what you see? Continue reading with our virtual Flip Book: http://teachingtodaywi.com/TTWINov2016.html

Stay tuned for more updates!

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