Step Into Summer with Camp Pillsbury

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Camp Pillsbury is a unique sleep over camp in Minnesota that provides over 100 activities for campers to choose from. No matter what each child’s interests are, they are certain to find activities that not only fascinate them, but help build their character, self-esteem and confidence.

Camp Pillsbury offers its campers the chance to choose 6 activities each day . Fly on the flying trapeze, participate in musical theater, sports (such as basketball, baseball, soccer, volleyball, cheer, gymnastics), extreme sports, learn magic tricks, go horseback riding, tumble, dance, and play a musical instrument or learn to water ski. While most other camps dictate the campers schedule and limit activities, Camp Pillsbury allows its campers to decide daily how they spend their time at camp.

Camp Pillsbury is helping kids from all over the world be successful through programs led by experts and entertainment industry professionals in a unique camp environment. Our campers learn from the best to be the best.

Campers sleep in dorms and will be provided great food, fun and friends throughout the summer. It is a fantastic overnight or day camp for boys and girls ages 6-17.

Our camp staff enhances all campers ability to sing, dance, perform in musical theater, play in a rock band, play the piano, guitar or drums, fly on the trapeze, perform on the lyra or silks, juggle, ride a unicycle, perform magic tricks, build a skateboard, draw, paint, create clothing in fashion design, woodworking, or make a music video. The camp is also proud to enhance campers skills in sports of all kinds. Camp Pillsbury is a fun and save environment where kids learn and have the ability to perform in front of other campers, their parents and the community. Campers who come to camp shy and reserved, usually leave camp outgoing, confident and poised.

Every camper will create happy memories that will endure a lifetime. Campers find a world filled with possibilities unavailable to them in everyday life and the experience stays with them forever. They realize trying is more important than the end result. It expands their horizons as they wonder “what else can I do?”

Camp is a magical gift we can give our children that they will benefit from and remember forever. Camp truly changes lives for the better one camper at a time. Camp creates a generation of future leaders who understand and embrace living in a diverse community, having tolerance and being positive, and encouraging one self and others to be their best, which makes our world a better place.

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