Guest Post: Steve Schneider of WSCA

2015 logo

“When I started my career as a Professional School Counselor 18 years ago, I remember attending my first WSCA conference and thinking to myself, ‘Wow! There is so much to learn!’ Now, 18 years later, I find myself reviewing the listing of sessions for the 2015 WSCA Conference, and again find myself thinking, ‘There is so much good information to learn here!’ Go ahead, check it out for yourself at

WSCA has such a rich history of providing the highest quality professional development targeted specifically at school counselors. Fifty years ago, the school counselors in Wisconsin had the wisdom to form WSCA to provide a singular, strong voice for all school counselors across the state. And now, fifty years later, those of us practicing today are benefiting from their foresight. That’s why it’s such a big deal to celebrate WSCA’s 50 Years of Commitment to Excellence at this year’s conference.

It’s possible that some of the issues being faced by school counselors fifty years ago are different than our issues today, but I’m also sure that there are issues that are remarkably similar. That’s a sure indicator that WSCA remains relevant, and that it’s still important for those of us who are practicing to remain active members of our professional association.

When WSCA organizes the Day on the Hill, or develops an accountability tool (the Wisconsin School Counseling Program Accountability Report-WSCPAR), or provides professional development through the annual conference, Summer Academy, or Fall Summit, I know that it’s all developed with the good of the profession at the heart of it.

That’s what I’ll be thinking about as I celebrate WSCA’s 50th Anniversary at this year’s conference. I hope you will consider joining me in Madison on Feb. 17-19 to be part of the celebration! Check out the details at

Hope to see you there!”

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