Kohl’s Wild Theater Outreach into the Community

The Zoological Society and Kohl’s Cares have partnered to bring you Kohl’s Wild Theater (KWT), which provides conservation-themed theater performances using drama, songs, and puppetry. The Congo Code (Now-May 2015) is our most ambitious and newest play to date, but KWT offers three other Outreach programs: The Great Global Extravaganza (Now-January 2015); A World of Water (January-May 2015); and The KWT Jamboree (February-May 2015). Performances, which may be scheduled within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo, are free of charge.


Commonly Asked Questions about “Congo Code” and Other Outreach Shows


Q:        What is the “Congo Code?”

A:        “Congo Code” is an innovative Kohl’s Wild Theater play that teaches children about science, technology, engineering and math (STEM) skills and how they can be used in the real world. The play was developed by the Zoological Society of Milwaukee’s (ZSM’s) Conservation Education Department. Kohl’s Wild Theater is made possible by a partnership between the ZSM and Kohl’s Cares.

Q:        What is the play about?

A:        Virtual reality takes on new meaning in Congo Code, a high-stakes video game that traps a teenager named Cameron in a fight for survival. The game has placed Cameron in a virtual rainforest where there is danger at every turn. To achieve an “epic win” and escape from the game, Cameron must use knowledge and skills in STEM. Along the way he encounters a mysterious primate that could be the key to breaking the code, or perhaps is only a distraction. As the clock ticks down on this adventure, audiences learn about real-world applications of STEM concepts as well as wildlife conservation and what it truly means to be “connected.”

Q:        What are the educational topics?

A:        Biodiversity, bonobos, conservation scientists, poachers and more. For a Teacher Packet, go to www.wildtheater.org à “Outreach into the Community”à “Congo Code”à “Teacher Packet.”

Q:        How long is the play?

A:        45 minutes with time for questions from the audience.

Q:        What age group is appropriate for the play?

A:        The play is strongly recommended for grades 4-8. Due to dramatic content and references to poaching, the play is not appropriate for grades K-3. Other programs such as “A World of Water” or “The KWT Jamboree” are recommended for younger audiences.

Q:        How much space is required to hold the play?

A:        The minimum performance space, not including audience, is 18-by-20 feet.

Q:        When is the play available?

A:        Now through May 2015

Q:        How much does the play cost?

A:        The play is free of charge for schools, libraries, festivals, etc., within a one-hour radius of the Milwaukee County Zoo.

Q:        Is there a cancellation fee?

A:        Yes. If the scheduled venue cancels the program within 21 days of the scheduled performance, a $250 cancellation fee will be charged if the date cannot be filled with another venue. (Snow emergencies or school closings will not result in a fee.)

Q:        What can I expect on the day of the performance?

A:        The actors will arrive approximately an hour before your scheduled performance time and will need to unload and set-up the performance equipment. The program will last about 45 minutes.  The actors will then need approximately one hour to tear down the equipment and pack up their belongings.

Q:        What are the requirements for other KWT Outreach programs?

A:        Please go to our FAQ page for information on other programs

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