Teach Like it’s Summertime All Year


“… I can still recall my first sociology course in college. The first seven lectures were called: 7 Ways Human Beings Deceive Themselves. I never missed a class!

I didn’t even care about the grade. I went because I felt that I could “fail” life if I didn’t learn those seven things. The professor also made it intriguing, He started each class with a story that seemed unrelated to the concepts, but by the end of the lecture he connected them together. I ended up getting a good grade in the course. It would have been hard not to get one; the professor didn’t just keep us in our seats, he kept us on the edge of our seats…”


Continue reading the article here: http://smartblogs.com/education/2014/05/08/teach-like-its-summertime-all-year/?utm_source=brief

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